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Our first workshop: check!

At the end of February 2023, our first workshop on the "Tropical Permaculture and Syntropical Agroforestry" took place - and was a complete success. Frida, Almamy and Jens had thought a lot about the contents and had worked out a perfect concept. The workshop was divided into a theoretical and a practical part.

Different aspects of permaculture and syntropic agroforestry principles were dealt with, among others:

  • Understanding living soils and humus building with mycorrhizae.

  • legumes as chop & drop plants

  • the nitrogen-carbon ratio, and

  • the construction of raised beds

We demonstrated our tree nursery, encouraged growing of medicinal plants and explained their processing. The hands-on portion was particularly exciting, as participants designed and planted a plant community around avocados. This allowed them to directly experience how these principles are being implemented in practice.

The many questions and passionate discussions testified to the great interest of the participants as well as the relevance of the topics. In addition to the technical expertise, networking among each other was also an important aspect of the workshop: Future plans and ideas were exchanged, and a great sense of collaboration and mutual learning emerged. The participants thus become multipliers and can pass on their knowledge and experience in their own projects and communities.

It makes us proud to see how our hard work over the past three years is starting to pay off on all levels. We are becoming not only an uplifting farm, but also a hopeful and forward-looking project that is becoming an inspiring place of learning. We are already looking forward to the next event!



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