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The climate crisis progresses quietly and chronically, which makes it easy to slip from human attention. And that's what makes it so dangerous, because in fact it threatens nothing less than our environment and the well-being of future generations.


In order to combat the climate crisis, immediate implementation of solutions that are certainly available is required as soon as possible.


Farmers and politicians are only gradually becoming aware of the many positive effects of regenerative agriculture. Our approach aims at multiplication: we want to cultivate large areas and convince as many farmers as possible. And we guarantee: we will implement our project with all our energy and passion.


But we need financial support in the initial phase. From everyone who can help. This is the only way we can implement our ambitious plans as quickly as possible and move the project forward. The more funds we have available, the more acres we can transform, the more people will be educated and CO2 will be stored in the soil.


By the way: what is not yet included anywhere in the calculation, as added value besides the food harvest, are the so-called non-monetary ecosystem services.


This means an increase in biodiversity, improved fertility of the soil, strengthening of the resilience of the biotope, CO2 storage, contribution to healthier nutrition. And moreover: through local processing we offer even more sustainable jobs and thus alternatives to rural flight and migration.


All these aspects are diametrically opposed to the current prevailing profit-oriented exploitation logic. We want nothing less than a complete overhaul of this logic and put in place a win win system that serves nature and mankind.

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Disclaimer: we are a privately funded project so far. We want to grow as quickly as possible in order to scale our impact. Therefore, as of now, we are in urgent need of financial support to buy more land and equipment, hire staff, and construct buildings.  We are not a non-profit organization and therefore cannot issue donation receipts. The donation button leads to a private account at the moment. We guarantee to use all incoming funds exclusively to advance the project. In the foreseeable future, the project will be converted into a commercial legal entity, and a non-profit company is planned to be founded in Berlin.

If you need a donation receipt, you can also donate to our partner project Sarsarale - in this case, your donation will exclusively used for charitable aspects of the project.

Thank you.

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