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Action and learning day, school visit to the PermaFoodForest

Yesterday, we had an action and learning day with our partners and Rhema Abam School from Serekunda in Gambia. It was a great success and a wonderful experience.

The focus was on resilient systems, biodiversity and the benefits of forest gardens. The kids had many questions and were very interested. Frieda explained our agroforestry system and answered all the questions. There was planting, harvesting, marveling, frolicking, singing, cooking and joining in the hands-on activities.

Thanks to all involved, especially to Frieda for the professional introduction to permaculture and regenerative agriculture, and to the organizers of the field trip. See you again!!!

It is good to see and feel that there is interest in our work, the design is working and we are noticeably becoming a multiplier. This gives us the energy to keep going.



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