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Copy process started!

At the beginning of the year, we were visited by two German journalists at PermaFoodForest. They had a detailed look at our small farm, had everything explained to them and took many pictures. After a long day, the question came towards the end: "Do you really have an impact? Do people here take you as a model? Are you really being copied, as you claim?"

We then drove to a neighbor from whom we had heard that he wanted to try our method and also create raised beds. And there it was: raised beds, lots of ground cover, a large amount of different plants wildly mixed together, sprinkler irrigation, etc.: it looked great.

As soon as it became known that we were there, the next neighbor came around the corner: "You are looking for permaculture? Come with me!..." He, too, proudly showed off his beds. But when the next neighbor came by and said that he had also adopted the design, we were amazed. He had also adopted our design, but modified it according to his needs with a focus on vegetables and cassava. It was really impressive and motivating for us to see that our work is paying off!

We let it grow.



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